Hey there! I'm Krissi, self proclaimed chaser of light! (Not exaggerating...people probably think I look a little crazy when those last few minutes of golden goodness strike!) Coffee is my crutch, music makes everything better and I'm a total homebody with a deep appreciation for a good movie with all 3 of my kids piled in my lap and my husband planted next to me. The beach is our happy place and when I'm not shooting/editing/running around "momming" that's where you can usually find my crew. I am in love with being a wife to my superhero of a husband and a mama to my 3 amazing (hilarious) kiddos and I'll probably end up showing you a photo of them while we're hanging out at your shoot #Proudmama!  I'm a total goofball and making people laugh is my MO (and then pressing my shutter about a 100x a second to make sure I get all of that goodness documented...yea even dads/husbands can't help but crack a smile when we shoot). Everyday life can get exhausting and I often feel like a "mombie" but it never fails that as soon as I get to a shoot and basically for a few hours after, I'm on a high. That's how I know I'm doing what I love...it gives me life and I feel like Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire" when he's singing "Free Falling" with his windows down. Ha!    

Aaaannnd my daughter is ready for a nap, and I get to go snuggle her, but I'm glad you're here and I can't wait to meet you and learn your story too!

 Here's to new friends and beautiful photos!